Startups need a Business Consultant or a resulter maker?

Some new entrepreneurs invest a lot of their time and resources developing their idea of innovation, building a MVP, presenting the concept to Venture Capitals. However, after a hard work on implementation, they may find out that hadn’t a sales strategy or any way to measure their new business.

Startups and small business, different of big companies who have specialized staffs, need outside experts who can do the work, as well as provide training on what needs to be done.  That’s called leading by example, and it is actually appreciated by business of every size.

One of the most important decisions, that an Expert or a Consultant can assist your company is choosing a set of benchmarks and metrics that will actually help your measure progress toward specific goals. Don’t reinvent the wheel. You may look at how other companies measured up at similar stages.

Sales efficiency is a Key indicator of sustainable growth. The right professional will help you to develop a marketing plan and how to adjust it to changing market. You need to know the levers that drive sales efficiency, whether it’s lead costs, conversion rates or sales productivity, in order to make smart decision.

While sales efficiency is important, there are plenty of other meaningful KPIs that are important for business to monitor. You might study customer churn, sales rep productivity, number of downloads of your App, abandoned cards, for example in order to gauge how your company is tracking toward its goals.

The number of startups is growing fast and they need specialists and professionals with experience and expertise who can do the job, and provide coaching while producing results.


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